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Recordings, videos & Podcasts

We aim to connect you to real life experiences, insights and programmes through the wide-ranging and diverse podcasts and videos in this section.

Documentary- In the Shadows
An eye opening documentary that highlights mental health and mental health services in Ireland.
Barnardos Webinar- Children’s Well-being Post Covid
Dr Catriona O'Toole is a keynote speaker on this webinar, alongside other guest speakers that discusses the evaluation of the Barnardos National Wellbeing Programme and Children's wellbeing.
Lead the Way Podcast- Trauma Informed Practice
Sinéad Collins is a post primary teacher in a DEIS school and has spent an extensive amount of time as a Home School Community Liaison. Sinéad has recently completed her Master of Education at Maynooth University, where she focused her research on Trauma Informed Practices.
The Two Norries Podcast- Trauma Informed Schools
David Cashman a principal at at an Educate Together National School talks abut the importance of trauma informed education using a model of positive education to enhance student well being and learning.
The Two Norries Podcast – Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk is the worlds leading trauma expert
Anne Marie Quilligan & Gillian Butler talk about life growing up in the Travelling community
The Two Norries Podcast on Acast – Knocknaheeny Secondary School Principal
The Two Norries speak to Knocknaheeny Secondary School Principal and teacher about restorative practice, equality in education and much more.
Ian Wright’s teacher gave him direction and purpose during his turbulent upbringing – BBC
How Do We Stop Childhood Adversity from Becoming a Life Sentence
Featuring Benjamin Perks
Mary’s story
Ennis Educate Together National School
Good relationships are the key to healing trauma
Karen Treisman's Ted Talk
The Hand Model of the Brain (Dan Siegel)
The Repair of Early Trauma
A bottom-up Approach (Beacon House)
Where the light enters: Hope and healing through trauma-informed education
In October 2021 we hosted an online festival entitled ‘Where the light enters: Hope and healing through trauma-informed education’. The event featured a stellar line-up of national and international experts including world renowned author, Dr Gabor Mate, as well as Professor Kimberly Schonert-Reichl and Dr Sharon Lambert; contributions from teachers, students and Experts by Experience..