We work collaboratively with local, national and international organisations and universities. Some of our PhD and Masters research projects are highlighted below.


   Tara Ćirić, PhD Candidate (John & Pat Hume Scholar)


Invisible and unheard: Young people, education and care in Ireland 

Project description:

Care-experienced young people regularly perform poorly in compulsory education in contrast to their peers. Despite overwhelming evidence, there is a dearth of knowledge on how to improve the educational experiences and outcomes of care-experienced young people. An absence of data is particularly notable within Ireland where there is no national strategic approach to address the educational needs of children in care. This research aims to uncover the experiences and identify the needs of care-experienced young people in school in Ireland through youth-led story telling. Using a trauma-informed, narrative, participatory structure with arts-based methods of inquiry, care-experienced young people will tell us about their lives at school, what helps them succeed, who within their microsystems have the greatest effect on their school experiences, and what can be done to best meet their needs. Professionals within their microsystems identified by the young people, such as teachers or care workers, will be interviewed using micro-phenomology techniques to explore their understanding of these stories and their personal experiences.