Trauma Informed Education was initiated following a Maynooth University/Alcohol Action Ireland capacity building project, funded by the Irish Research Council. The project aimed to raise awareness and build capacity for trauma-informed practice within education systems.


Our mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of school communities by advancing more compassionate, trauma-informed approaches within education systems. We support strengths-based, socially-just and relationship-oriented approaches that are embedded within the organisation as a whole.


The aim of Trauma Informed Education is to:

Icon Computer 1. Provide professionals with a go-to site for trustworthy information and accessible, high-quality resources.
Icon Sheets 2. Enable excellent, innovative research on trauma-informed approaches in schools and other education and community contexts.
Icon share 3. Facilitate collaborations with national and international researchers and organisations to advance trauma-informed approaches in education


We achieve these aims by:

  1. Developing and collating practical resources, toolkits, recordings, and guidance for professionals
  2. Providing access to high quality research and state-of-the-art information
  3. Creating events that expand the conversation and develop formal and informal working groups
  4. Engaging a range of stakeholders and advocating for more compassionate, trauma-informed education systems

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We are committed to sharing experiences and knowledge.
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